Since I finished my recent Bling it on class (May 2022 Cohort), which, by the way, was a big success. Some of the students in the class have even started their own Rhinestone business and are making a fortune from it.


Our Customers Feedback

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Tomi Olorunkunle

My designs…

These ones are sold and I currently have some custom clients orders I’m working on. I have a client ordering from Dublin, Ireland. She wants her face and business logo on the mug. This is currently ongoing. Another person wants a customized text on the mug. This is on-going too. My very first order, the delivery man accidentally let it fall after getting to the client’s place. The company have refunded and I’ve made another one it will be delivered tomorrow. Some others have shown interest and will order at later dates, one for her birthday, another for her husband’s birthday later.

I have done a T-shirt. I will get my Silhouette cutting machine this weekend to be able to cut rhinestone templates. Then I will be going into T-shirts stoning.

My dear sisters here have been amazing in our WhatsApp group. Shout out to everyone of you! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

This journey I just narrated had Kiki’s help in it! I am not flattering her to say she is indeed an amazing woman. Thank you dearly Kiki Okewale. God bless you ma.

But, since then, I’ve had numerous requests and pleadings from folks who were unable to attend the training.
Many of them have requested a discount.
Some have suggested that I find a way to assist them so that they do not lose out.
So I started talking to my team members about how we could assist those individuals.
At first, we thought about giving out a discount but that would look like cheating to those who got the course at the full price
We ultimately came to an agreement after much back and forth.
That is, the course will be divided into three parts.
But, before I go into detail on that,

You see…

When it comes to making judgments about learning life-changing skills like these, I’ve noticed that many people, mostly women, tend to let their past experiences hold them back.
Don’t be like them.

The only thing that matters right now, is your desire to change your story for good…
And if you can 100% commit to following the simple steps, I will teach you inside… The Bling it on Course,
It won’t be long until you look back and realize you have a completely new and different life….

A life you and your loved ones can be proud of.
And the reason I can say that confidently is because…
I have helped many women who are in a far worse place than you are.

Most of them were in a position worse than yours just a few months back.
But today, they’re making just enough money to live a comfortable life
and you can also get started by choosing any of the 3 segments of your choice below
And start profiting from it as soon as the training is over.

Below are the segments:

1: How to Make & Bling Your Own Pattern:

  • Uniqueness is one factor that will propel your progress in the Rhinestone design sector.
  • Fashion enthusiasts enjoy being one-of-a-kind; they enjoy it when what they are wearing is rare, and they will pay any price to have a one-of-a-kind design.
  • Fashion enthusiasts enjoy being one-of-a-kind; they enjoy it when what they are wearing is rare, and they will pay any price to have a one-of-a-kind design.
  • Another advantage of making your own pattern is that you may sell it to other rhinestone designers.
  • Unique patterns cost no less than N10,000.
  • This means that you can profit from this area in two ways.

1- Using your one-of-a-kind patterns for clients willing to spend up to N100,000 per fabric
2- Selling your one-of-a-kind patterns to other Rhinestone designers for no less than N10,000, and you can sell to as many designers as you wish.

You’ll agree with me that N20,000 is a steal in comparison to what you’ll learn in the segment.
You can earn twice as much as what you paid just by working with one client or selling your one-of-a-kind design.

You can get this segment for N20000 today.

2: How to Bling anything with a surface.

Most people believe that bling designs can only be done on fabrics.
But nothing could be further from the truth.
You can Bling anything with a surface such as glasses, caps, trainers, souvenirs, gift items and more

These bling items usually cost double if not triple their original price.
You can buy a cup for N500, bling it, and sell it for N5,000; the embellishment procedure will take no more than 5 hours.
That’s a N4500 profit for only 5 hours of work.
You can do this with anything that has a surface ( bags, shoes, phone cases, tables etc.) so far there is a surface on it; there is a way to Bling it, and you will discover how to do so in this part for only N20,000.

Yes, for as little as N20,000, you can master this amazing skill in this segment and begin selling your bling things to friends, family, and clients all over the world.

3: How to use a pattern board or handwork to embellish adorn fabrics/aso oke

This segment will teach you how to Bling any sort of fabric (also oke, shirts, tops, shorts, traditional attire etc.)
In this segment:
You will learn how to adorn fabrics with exquisite rhinestone designs that will impress your customers and bring you more clients.
You’ll also learn How to adorn a complete gown, neckline, half-length, and so on…

You like what you see?
I know the designs are entering your eyes.
If you join this segment, you could be embellishing fabrics with gorgeous designs like these in no time.

You can join this segment for just N15,000

I can't guarantee how long this offer will be available.

In fact, you can come here tomorrow and see that it has been closed.
Reason is…

Breaking down the bling it on Course into segments is not something I normally do.
In fact, this is my first time trying something like this,
I understand things are hard in the country now; we barely have enough to provide for our basic needs, and that’s why I created this Course in the first place…

To provide another source of income for women that will enable them to live the life of their dreams.
So I don’t want lack of money to be why so many people will miss out on this life-changing skill.
That’s why I have decided to segment the Course into 3 parts.
So you no longer need to be concerned about where to obtain


at the moment…
Because you can still gain a part of this skill rather than lose out totally.
So today, You can have access to learn any or all of these three…
And start profiting from it.
Because these are also a part of what you learn from the full Course.
So click any of the links below to begin with a segment of your choice.

Think about it:

30 days from now

  • you could be on your way to making 100k, 200k…500k a month just by applying what I teach you inside the bling it On Course.
  • You’ll be on your way to becoming a fully independent woman who doesn’t have to call anyone before feeding herself and her family.
  • Everyone who has looked down on you or mocked you will start respecting you again.
  • You have now become someone family and friends respect.
  • A woman who supports her family and loved ones Financially.
  • You have now become the woman you have always dreamed of becoming.
All of this can be your reality in a few months from now. Let me help you make that dream come through.
See you on the other side.
Kiki Okewale.
Creator of the Bling it Course.

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