Read this if you dream to own an 8 figures fashion dynasty soon

How to Build a 7,8,9 figures fashion brand with no experience in business or having to spend your entire savings

you’ll also learn the fashion secret most fashion brands on Instagram are using to build 7 figure fashion brands with zero fashion skills and zero capital

Dear friend,

Do you know that the fashion sector is worth $3 trillion and is one of the most profitable in the world?

This enterprise is so profitable that it has converted countless ordinary people into multi-millionaires all around the world.

Every week, fashion designers and their clientele in Nigeria conduct transactions worth millions of naira in every corner of the country.

Despite the fact that the fashion business appears to be lucrative,

Starting and operating a profitable fashion business in Nigeria is no easy task.

There’s a lot more to building a 7,8, and even 9-figure fashion business than merely being good at fashion design.

If you believe that all you need to run a thriving fashion business is to be a good fashion designer,

Then I’m here to inform you that you’re mistaken.

Being a good fashion designer is only 40% of what you need to run a thriving fashion business, 

and I will show you the remaining 60% needed to succeed in this rich market today.

I’ll show you how to start and maintain a lucrative 7-8 figure fashion business in a few months without spending all of your savings.

And if you go all the way to the end, I’ll show you how to start and run a 6-7 figure fashion business with no money and no fashion experience.


I know you’re used to hearing that starting a fashion business requires a lot of money and expertise


I’m here to tell you that there is a method to establish and operate a profitable business even if you have no funds or knowledge about fashion.

I'll show you how to do that by using a term called:


This is something that many of the big brands you follow on Instagram do all the time.

And it makes no difference where you are in your fashion journey

It makes no difference:

None of this is important.

What matters is your desire to launch and grow a 7-8 figure fashion business that will allow you to live your dream life.

Your desire combined with what you’ll learn in this letter will be enough to get you started.

Everything I’ll be exposing to you today took me over 6 years to learn, and I want to share everything with you today because I don’t want it to take you that long to build a profitable fashion business.

At this point, I want you to turn off all distractions and give me your full attention for the next 5 minutes, because I’m about to share a deep fashion secret that some of the top fashion designers are using to scale their business

However, before I get into that allow me to introduce myself.

My name is kiki Okewale.

popularly known as kiki… I’m the founder and creative Director of KIKI fashion school and I also run a creative fashion business

I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 6 years and have been able to build my business both online and offline to a 9-figure brand serving clients both at home and internationally.

I’ve designed for clients in overseas locations such as Dubai and Thailand Silk International.

I’ve also assisted other fashion entrepreneurs in establishing their ideal fashion firms.

But it wasn’t always like this when I first started out six years ago.

I have always been a fashion enthusiast and have always dreamt of having my own fashion empire.

6 years ago I started my journey to make that a reality.

Little did I know that was going to be one of the most challenging parts of my life.

A few weeks into my fashion business, I realized that there’s more to starting and running a fashion business

I began looking for someone who could guide me through; I was even willing to pay someone just to show me the path, but no one was willing to assist.

They all regard me as a competitor and assume I’m coming to steal their clients, so they all refuse me.

Only if they understood the sky is large enough to accommodate all birds.

I started like that without anyone’s support, and it was horrible at first.

going from one wahala to another

It was then that I discovered the fashion industry is not as simple as it appears.

There were lots of challenges I faced that I didn’t even know existed until I started.

Lots of competitors trying to put me out of market

Customers pricing my work at a ridiculously low price 

There were lots of times I thought about packing up my stuff and quitting but my passion got me going.

I even remember being duped by a man who claimed to be a marketing guru and knew a strategy he could deploy to assist me to boost my business

There were numerous errors that I committed.

A great deal of trial and error

But I’m glad I didn’t quit because I wouldn’t be here now if I had.

But I didn’t write you this letter to tell you about my successes and failures in the fashion industry.

The reason I’m writing to you today is that…..

The fashion business is a very lucrative business, and there are several opportunities to start earning 7,8,9 figures from this business in a few months
However, being a great fashion designer or attending the greatest fashion school is not enough.
It is also critical to understand how to start and maintain a successful fashion business.
You must understand how to get started without breaking the bank or incurring numerous unneeded debts. With how saturated the fashion industry is,

Here are some things you should know if you want to create a fashion business that would generate 6-7 figures each month

1- how to narrow your focus and choose a niche that will give you a competitive advantage

The problem is that the fashion industry is oversaturated, and clients have numerous options.
There is a fashion designer on every corner of every street in Nigeria, and if that isn't enough, a short search on social media will yield pages of diverse fashion designers.
So you must narrow your focus and choose a niche that will give you an advantage over others.

2. How to Choose a Distinctive Brand Identity:

Being distinctive is one of the quickest ways to reach the top of the fashion market, and being unique begins with your brand.

3. Using the internet to attract customers

We now live in a digital age now. Any business with no identity on the internet is not considered a serious business in this era. So you need to build a strong social media presence in order to have a strong chance of dominating your fashion niche.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about being stranded or falling into the wrong hands as I did when I first started.


To avoid a lot of young fashion designers from suffering through the trauma that I and most of the big fashion firms went through when we first started…

I have spent several months conducting exhaustive research; all of the answers you want have been provided in detail and organized into a report that is simple to read and understand.

The report is called

“Fashion to profit guide”

This report contains 75 pages of invaluable information

In chapter 1, for example, you'll discover everything you need to know about niching down in the fashion industry.

This is something I wish I’d known before starting my fashion business.
Being a jack of all trades is the quickest way to kill your fashion business, and to avoid you from making that mistake, I have made this the first thing you learn in this guide.
This section will teach you everything there is to know about niches and why they are important when beginning a fashion business.
You’ll also discover the 5 magical questions that will help you choose a niche in under 30 minutes.
Then, in Chapter 3, you’ll discover the finest strategy to plan your business.
As they say, failure to plan is a plan to fail
So you must carefully prepare your business in order to avoid failure, and I will demonstrate the proper technique to establish a fashion firm.

Then when you dive deep into this guide and get to chapter 10

You’ll discover how to launch a full-fledged fashion firm even if you don’t have any funds by employing a secret approach known only to fashion industry veterans.
These are just a few of the numerous advantages you will receive from the Fashion to Profit guide.
So you have a decent sense of what you’ll learn as you work your way through this exceptional guide….
Here’s another summary of some of the information you’ll be studying…

Here's another summary of some of the information you'll be studying...

How to Test Your Products to Find Out What Your Customers Want…
page 38

Getting Your Designs Ready for Sale…
page 42

Pricing your goods the right way…
page 45

How to use perceived worth to raise the price of your products…
page 46

How to start and run your business without funds
page 48

How to Manage Sales and Scale Up Your Fashion Business…
page 52

This guide will truly open your eyes to everything you need to know about operating and beginning a profitable fashion business.
I know you’re eager about the fashion to profit guide I mentioned today.
as well as the fact that you may finally start your own fashion business without fear of making mistakes.
But you’re undoubtedly curious how much it will cost…
The first thing you should know is that this guide is not available for purchase anywhere.
you can only get it from here
Second, I’m going to sell it to you for a very low price.
Considering all of my work and knowledge that went into this book… it should have cost no less than N25,000.
But I’m not going to let you pay that much.
not even 15,000 Naira
When you order your copy of the fashion to profit guide now, you’ll receive an 80% discount.

That is, you only have to spend


to obtain a copy of the fashion to profit handbook.

But that isn't all

I’ve put together 3 incredible gifts to assist you boost your fashion business journey.
When you order your copy of the fashion to profit guide today,
I will also send you these three more extras at no extra charge.

Bonus No. 1

Social media marketing for your fashion business

I’ve made a detailed video that walks you through the steps you may take to establish your fashion business using your favourite social media.

In this video, you will discover how to demonstrate authority so that your customers would not only conduct business with you but also suggest you to their friends and family.

This video package would ordinarily cost N10,000, but you will receive it for free.

Bonus No. 2

The most effective approach to increase your sales and marketing in 2022

You’ll feel like a marketing genius once you’ve finished watching this video.

You will discover the #1 secret influencers utilize to develop great relationships with their audiences (followers)

I’ll show you how to use this in your business to develop great relationships with your consumers both online and in person.

This would ordinarily cost N15000, but you will receive it for free.

Bonus No. 3

Fashion business starter pack

This video will teach you all you need to know to get your business up and running.

I will explain to you the steps you must take to ensure the success of your business.

This is one of the most important things I wish I had when I first started my fashion business six years ago.

I was willing to pay N50,000+ at the time, but no one was willing to show it to me, but you would receive it for free.

Don’t joke with this part.

So, when you click this link now to get your copy of the fashion to profit plan, Here's what you'll receive:

The fashion to profit blueprint value N25,000

Marketing your small business on social media value: N10,000

The best way to skyrocket your sales and marketing in 2022 value: N15,000

Fashion business starter pack: value priceless

Everything you’ll be getting today is actually worth N50,000.
However, you will not be paying even half of that amount.
All of this is available to you today for the sum of


I know it is a crazy deal
But this crazy deal, at this astounding price of N5000, will not last forever;
you may return here tomorrow to find the page has vanished or the price has risen to N10,000 or even its original price of N25,000.
So to avoid stories that touch,
I recommend that you act immediately.
Click the link below to get your copy of the Fashion to profit guide before the price goes up.

P:S: Now you have two choices,

Do nothing and close this page 

Go back to struggling in your fashion business and trying to find out how to do everything on your own.

Well, if that’s your choice,

No problem,

I wish you luck


The second choice is…

You click this link to order your copy of the Fashion to profit guide

Spent the next few hours going through the invaluable information in this guide and the bonuses that come with it

Then start implementing what you learn and a few months from now, your fashion business is already making 7-8 figures and you’re preparing to scale your brand to even a 8 figures a month

If this is your choice…

Don’t waste time, the price will be increasing soon


You’ll get the fashion to profit guide and the bonuses a few minutes from the moment you make your order. Everything will be sent to your email


Like I said you don’t have to be a pro fashion designer before you start building your fashion business. You can start as you’re learning.

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