3 Months to 3X Your Income

— With Kiki.

The Profiting Daily Action that Can Help You as A Business Owner to Grow. Engage. And Generate a Lead audience That Converts To Paying Customers.

Dear Business Owner, 

In 5 minutes from now, I’ll show you how business owners can get started towards building an online presence and start converting them to customers…

But first, stick with me.

You see…

I started my fashion business 6 years ago and over the years I’ve been able to grow organically— 200,000+ people online that connect with me and would love to buy from me anytime.

This is a skill most business owners are looking at mastering.

And I’ll show you how to go about it in a moment.

But you see… It didn’t start with me folding my hands…

Nor did it come from me waiting on customers to come to me.

It started from me putting myself out there, which is what I’m about to reveal to you today.

Let’s face it…

You’re probably just like me 6 years ago..

If the above sounds like you… 

Then I’ve got good news for you.

… Introducing

Content Made Easy -
3 Months to 3X Your Income

— with Kiki.

A Daily Business Coaching On Content creation. Sales… and Marketing That Will Help You…

In this 3 month training…

You will get a daily prompt on the exact content you should post for the day with samples attached. 

 I’m going to let you watch over my shoulder, while I show you how I get this done for my business…

This means — I will hold your hand through it all because your growth matters to me.

Listen: I’ve figured out what works and have done this over the years…

And it’s been forward ever since. You too can do the same. 

You just have to model the same approach for your business.

And start getting similar results as a business owner.

That’s not all…

I’ve Also Added These Special Bonuses

Special Bonus #1:

You’ll learn how to create daily content ideas for your business via the social media planner I’ll provide you with on this training (Value N7,500)

Special Bonus #2:

I’ll add you to my support group where you will also get tips from not just me but also other business persons to help you grow your business (Value N10,000)

You will have the support of amazing people like you,
to encourage, motivate and inspire each other.

Now, Here’s How This Training Will Kickoff

Step 1: You sign up today for the daily coaching class for 3 months.

By the time I am done with you in 3 months and you do the work, you would have been a guru yourself and your page will not only get people engaged but it will also convert to sales.

Step 2: Then you have access to get daily actionable tips on the portal, which you will start implementing right away into your business to get actual results. The key is consistency.

Remember, they didn’t build Rome in a day; you’ve got to be consistent in showing up and putting yourself out there 

Step 3: Use the social media planner you’ll have access to in the training. Meaning NO more boring posts or ZERO engagement posts.

Step 4: Get to work, by putting into practice the daily tips that I’ll reveal to you.

Step 5: Now, you see results you can develop on.

Meet Your Coach For This Training...

My name is Kiki Okewale and I run a creative fashion business known as Hope by KIKI OKEWALE. 

A business I’ve been able to grow online and scale to 9 Figures serving both home and foreign clients. 

Over 6 years I have been able to test and confirm what works in building a huge following and personal brand as a business owner and also convert this audience to customers.

Today, I’ve been able to coach people on how to do the same.

And I want to work with a few business owners—ready to have similar results for their businesses.

So, What's Going To Be Your Investment For This 3X Income Training?

Now, this training is worth over N100,000 if I add the bonuses attached and all you will get from this training.

You see… this is what I charge N100,000 for 7-day training to coach top businesses and their team.

But I’m giving this same training as a daily approach to help small business owners with little resources. 

Now, come closer, and let’s look at what we have here….

Daily Business Coaching that comprises…

This entire package has a value of over N100,000 including the bonuses.

But you won’t be paying anything close to that today if you’re a fast action taker.…

You pay just N25,000 ONLY if you act now and save N75,000 to yourself.

This means you’re getting this for 75% off the regular price.

But I’m afraid…

This can only last for the next 72 hours, after which the price returns to normal until we open the next batch of this program.

So you see…

You only get it at this fair deal today, or when next you visit this page…

You’d have to pay at least N100,000 to get this training.

So, which do you prefer?

The choice is yours, click the button below to get this discount offer today.

Picture this…

It’s 3 months from this very moment, you’ve just completed this training. 

Now, you’re able to grow your audience and convert them to paying customers.

How will this make you feel?

Tell me…

Would this help to create a change in your business?

Or…will this help in changing your standard of living?

Now, if you want such a result, that’s going to change things totally for you. Your business…and the family…

 Would you be willing to pay the price for it today? Yes?

So, jump on this offer today before the price goes back to normal.

With this training…

You’d be able to get your business across to a larger audience via social media.

You’d in turn increase your profits.

And also scale your business to launch multiple stores…

Plus, stocking those stores with more goods because of the demand coming in.

And if you operate a service-based business, you’d get more clients reaching out to you.

All these are what happens when you improve on your sales and marketing skills from the knowledge of this training.

So hurry and sign up here today for…



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